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Captain Eva of Damai Indah, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia | Design & Develop by  Media Indah Enterprise 

Private Morning Cruises


From 10 am till 2 pm

This tour starts at 10 am from the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club and returns there at 1 pm. The ship steers a course through a stunning area where you can see at least 20 picturesque islands of the southeast Langkawi archipelago.

About the cruise

We drop anchor just off the beautiful beach at Pulau Bumbon Besar, an uninhabited island well off the tourist track. Here you may explore the area either by kayak or by dinghy. Alternatively you can be landed on the beach or just take a refreshing swim. At this scenic anchorage we serve you our famous and delicious tapas, freshly prepared aboard the yacht before returning to the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.


Fresh platter of tropical fruits. 

As lunch we serve you a selection of exclusive tapas 


Please note: we happily cater for all your special wishes or diets. Please do not hesitate to discuss your personal menu with us!