Manta Blu

Craving a refreshing dip in the sea? You will love the ‘salt water jacuzzi’ experience - ready to come back on board only once the air fills with the tantalizing aroma of freshly grilled fish, chicken, sausages and the famous local specialty, satay skewers. Accompanied by a spicy peanut sauce and a delicious salad, and followed by a platter of juicy pineapple, mango and melon – a feast for your taste buds! As opposed to any other cruise in Langkawi, Manta Blu doesn’t have a set buffet time. Instead, you get to enjoy delicious nibbles, personally served by 5* trained staff as they are grilled to perfection throughout the second half of your sea voyage.

Far too enchanted by the description as that you would like to share this wonderful experience with anyone but your family, close friends or business associates? The answer to the unspoken question is YES! Private charter is available so you can have this floating beauty all to yourself -whether for a Private Sundown Cruise or for a Wild Beach Drop experience that will take you to a secluded island with dreamy cabanas, a tropical bar serving delicious cocktails and a pristine beach for the perfect Robinson Crusoe fantasy.


About the details

Eager to explore the breathtaking beauty of Langkawi Archipelago? With Manta Blu - an experience you will remember for years!

Sailing through the southern part of the archipelago that has the greatest density of tiny deserted islands and spectacular limestone outcrops that rise on a steep angle from the emerald green Andaman Sea - you are in for the most scenic cruise available in Langkawi.

A true beauty, the elegant luxury catamaran lures with a canopied saloon, an oak wood galley and a spacious deck that boasts sun loungers and indulgent sprawl-out trampolines for leisurely hours in the equatorial sun.

With a glass of chilled wine or beer, a song of your choice gently playing in the background, and dreamy views of idyllic beaches, tiny fisherman boats and eagles soaring above your heads - a tropical dream come true!

Equipment & Technical details

The boat equipped with dinghy, kayak and generator.

  • Technical Details

  • Length : 56 ft/16.5 m

  • Beam : 17.2ft./5.2m

  • Cruising Speed : 8 knots

  • Cabins : 4

  • Bathroom : 4

  • Saloon : Cosy Saloon, fully air-conditioned

  • Day Cruise : 30 Passengers

  • Night Cruise : 8 Passengers

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