Eva and the Crew

Eva and the Crew are like a small multicultural family. They would be proud if you take part in it


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Originally from good old Germany, Eva started her sailing career after she met her husband in 1991.

Together with him she left Germany in the year 2000 to sail around the world on his yacht, a 45 foot sailing boat.

For more than 5 years that boat and the oceans of the world had been their home. On that life-altering voyage they crossed the Atlantic, the Pacific, Melanesian Sea, Banda See and Straights of Melacca.

Exotic destinations such as the Caribbean, Panama, Galapagos, Easter Island, South-America, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and much more had been in their logbook.

Together the couple arrived on Langkawi in November 2005. Actually they just wanted to stock up and then continue their journey. But as many other cruisers they fell in love with the archipelago and the people and decided to stay. Eva bought her first boat DAMAI INDAH in December 2008 and her second boat DAMAI INDAH LAGI in July 2011

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Captain Dean was born in Kuala Lumpur. He has been a captain of the Malaysian Navy for over 16 years. More than 200,000 nautical miles including the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean are registered in his personal logbook.

After retiring from the navy he could not let go being on sea and started to work as a captain on charter boats. For a few years he joined a travel agency as a freelance nature guide. You can be assured, that he is very knowledgeable about nature surrounding us as well as the animals living on the Langkawi-archipelago. Eva tried to convince him to work for her for almost 4 years and eventually succeeded to put him in charge for her boats in October 2011. Captain Dean is highly experienced, trustworthy and absolutely professional.

Dean knows and loves his work and the boats, speaks English, Bahasa and Mandarin perfectly well, is a charming and entertaining character – the perfect captain to make sure that you and your family / friends have a great time.

If you want to fall in love with Langkawi’s stunning nature being on a beautiful boat, Captain Dean is first-class-choice!

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Agus is Indonesian citizen...

He came to Malaysia at the young age of 14 years only and lived in the jungle as an illegal immigrant for more than 5 years. He started his career working for hotels and later on for a Finish carpenter at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club. His former boss had sent him to Eva and Gerd many times for carpentry jobs on their boat DADDELDU.

This youngster always impressed Eva and when he quit his job she picked him not 5 minutes after. Agus is her best hand since day one when she had purchased her first boat DAMAI INDAH Indah and she refers to him as her son. 

Agus is not only a brilliant carpenter but a great helmsman, deckhand and even performs as a barman if needed as such. Eva has written a blog about him and his life’s tragedy…..

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joined the crew in October 2011

For many years she had worked for a friend of Eva but then she got married and left to Indonesia, her home-country. She gave birth to a daughter but after a few years her marriage broke up and she was looking for a job in Malaysia again. Her former boss recommended her highly to Eva and she engaged her even without knowing her. Only after she did so she found out that Siti is the cousin of Agus.

Under Eva’s tutelage she developed to become a great chef and is now in charge for managing food and beverage on both boats. Her finger-licking prawns are very famous, but she also prepares Indian, European, Arabic, Asian and vegetarian dishes from the freshest and best ingredients only.